Monday, May 11, 2009

Collective Haul

So I have to say that I have been collecting over the past 3 weeks to a month with things that I have been buying from MAC. I finally got my hands on the last Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass from "Kitty Kouture." and I have to say that I am in LOVE with this color. I thought that these were going to be sticky and their not. I may have to go back and pick up Kitty Kouture. I also picked up 3 Love & Friendship nail polishes cause the color is GORGEOUS!!! One coat of this and you get the color pay off but two coats should be fine!! The next thing I picked up was also from A Rose Romance collection and that item was " Silverthorn " I am in love with the color but I reminds me of Elecktra but with a blue undertone. So I am not a big fan of lipsticks but I couldn't pass up A rose romance lipstick. It is a mid-tone pink with a nude kind of look to it. I topped it with Dazzlepuss and the pay off is soooooooo pretty. I think any pink dazzleglass or lipglass will look good on top of this color. A very suttle pink if you will / with just a tiny hint of shimmer to it. I also picked up Mutiny pigment again and Fix+ rose.
I know a lot of people hated the smell but I love Rose Oil and Rose Petal smells, so that why I picked this up. Plus I ran out of Fix+ anyway. The Beauty powders I hated and didnt really see a point in buying. I am still using the two I bought from Hello Kitty and Heatherette still.

So I wanted to get a skin finish just to try it out and so I caved in and bought BOTH of the Skinfinishes from Sugar Sweet. Refined and Perfect Topping and I have to say that I love the both of them. I hate shimmer on my face, I just like that natural glow but something to give it a kick and thats the look that I get when I apply either one of these. It's like the perfect finish to any looks that I do. I love with mid tone purples that you get from Perfect Topping, and the orange, peachy look from Refined. I think that the both of these are must haves.
NEWS on the Double Dazzle glasses that came out. I only picked up 3 of them ( Money Honey, Rags to Riches and Baby Sparks ) those where the only colors that I liked and stood out to me. But I was talking to my MA and she told me that the Double Dazzles are here to stay. They are now Permanent.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Something on my mind

Okay so yesterday I was watching Whoners show on Well that is beside the point but I have been thinking a lot lately why I am single and why is it that people feel the need to be judgemental. I just dont get it. I am not judgmental in anyway, shape, or form and I accept people for who they are and what they look like. But in society today and in the minds of so many people that we the typical "pretty girl" in high school they strive to keep a relationship they thought was real, to continue going. Yes that does work for some people but sorry to say once college hits guys start looking for better. I for one thought I was going to stay with Randy forever and I didnt. We were together for 6 years on again off again and he just kept looking for better. I moved on to Keoni and that went down hill becasue the military life isnt for me. Its not the rules or the distance. Its to the fact that moving around place to place and never having the chance to be settle in one place and to the fact that he didnt want to get married is that kills me.
I am so sick of opening a magazine and flipping through the pages and seeing Stick figures. To me that is what every guy wants. A freaking stick and it just kills me because I want to ask them all the time. You looking for your typical "Pretty Girl" what is it about her that drives you to her? Her looks? How skinny she is? What? I mean honestly ask yourself what do looks get me in a relationship? Oh a couple of glances and a piece of arm candy. Can I see myself with this person for the rest of my life? Have a last relationship for a while with this person? NO you cant why because someone hotter will come along and there that relationship goes. Out the freaking window. I am not ranting or bitching because I wish I was stick skinny. No not at all. I lost weight and I am happy with where I am right now. I honestly accept me for me and no im not FAT! I am average. I am just as pretty as the next stick out there. I mean I have a personality and a head on my shoulders. Intelligance and personality is all you need. But America striving to find their soulmate to be a stick figure. Why because they are embarrassed to move on to someone that they connect with on so many levels but afraid of the looks and stares to see them with someone who is a little different. I dont look down on people for any reasons what so ever. If we connect and we have chemistry then we have it and we will see where it goes from there. I mean I have dated some of the most wonderful guys out there but I mean there is no spark, no ambition. They say they have dreams but then they take it back by saying something stupid and leave you with that to think about. I am just waiting. I guess. For something real.


So I finally posted my first tutorial on yeah I try. But anyway I am also starting my own show again on just type in To be honest that website is a lot of fun and you do meet really chill people in there. My grandma was taken off all of her tubes and seems to be doing better. She is still in critical care and cant talk just yet but she will be the end of this week. I hope so. My package comes today from Gone to Not Forgotten! Im super excited! YAY!!!!!!!!! I am going shopping on Friday. Oh and if you are going to see Fast and Furious. Ehhh I would say wait till it comes out on DVD. The movie could have been better. It was alright but Fast and Furious 2 has that movie beat!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Haul Video posted once my package gets here.

I am going to record a new video in a couple of days with my new haul. It's a collective haul but I have a order coming in from Gone but not Forgotten. I needed two new trios and another beauty powder then I am going shoppping next friday for a couple more things. I think I will post another blog about the haul items I am going to buy. I got 3 things from the Heatherette line. Trio #1 and Trio # 2. I also got the beauty powder in Alpha girl. I dont know but I have a few non makeup items as well that I bought and a couple of exciting things to show. I am also going to Lush and Sephora. Maybe a trip to the CCO since its 25 mins away. I need to see what they have pulled for me. I also got Lollipop loving but its not in the heatherette tube just the simple black mac casing since it was repromoted with the sugarsweet collection. I dont really like the collection. The only things that I am thinking about buying are:
Red Velvet, cakeshop, penny shadestick.....
Aquavert, Club (refill) Stars n Rockets (refill) and dear cupcake eyeshadow......
and one skinfinish. I dont know everyone is telling me to get both but I love Perfect topping. I will post another blog and show you the items I am buying! =)

Monday, March 30, 2009

One Tree Hill shocker

Okay so I am starting my new post with One tree hill. I am hearing that these last 5 episodes that are going to air on 4/20 is going to be the last for the show. So Peyton is going to die off maybe and the cast will say their final goodbyes but then again can you really believe that this season is that last season? I think not. At least I dont want it to be the last season. I mean come on, Since 2003 we have grown to fall in love with this show. It was the new addition to hit TV and it still is. Yes I admit I have my predictions for the next episode and it always seems to come true whenever I see the preview for it. It sucks that Lucas has another wedding day tragedy! I mean hello hit B. Davis over the head with someone and make that girl realize that Julian loves her and that he wants to be a dad to Sam. Mouth and Mili should just do it already since they have such a strong sex fever already and Skills, poor poor skills. He will get the right girl in the end. Oh lets not forget that hot steamy take me now kiss between Nathan and Haley in that room.....umm hello can we say new season NEW BABY. It is horrible to see Peyton laying in her wedding dress on her and Lucas bedroom floor covered in blood that is coming from underneath. I mean oh and this season is totally forshadowing whats going to happen soon. I mean maybe the show has run its course but I really hope that Peyton does not die and that everything works out for a new season. It would be awesome! I mean we need to see Sam, Jaime, Lilly grow up and whats the out come for everyone. Does B. Davis finally get her dream man? Does mouth get laid by his dream girl? Does Skills get the girl in the end? Does Haley get a good career starter for feel this? I mean who knows these answers could be summed up in the next 5 episodes but I want to start a petition that One Tree Hill needs to run as long as F.R.I.E.N.D.S did!!!!!!!!!!!

Lush Review

A Crash Course in Skincare, is the name of the Lush product I am reviewing. It is made out of Avacado, Lemon juice and Natural yogurt. It has to stay in the fridge and please it's not a dip so make a sign on it, if you live with others for them not to eat it. LOL. Well anyway onto the review. It is a mask like texture that goes on very smooth and feels odd at first cause your putting a cold cream onto your face but gives you a nice scent to relax with. I usually put this on if I decide to take a bath or put it on towards the last 10 mins of my shower. It has a brighting and tighting effect and leaves your skin with a soft and fresh feel in the morning when you wake up to do your morning makeup rountine. Oh and when you get ready to take it off...besure to use warm water. I seriously recommend this product to people that have Dry and sensative skin.