Monday, March 30, 2009

Lush Review

A Crash Course in Skincare, is the name of the Lush product I am reviewing. It is made out of Avacado, Lemon juice and Natural yogurt. It has to stay in the fridge and please it's not a dip so make a sign on it, if you live with others for them not to eat it. LOL. Well anyway onto the review. It is a mask like texture that goes on very smooth and feels odd at first cause your putting a cold cream onto your face but gives you a nice scent to relax with. I usually put this on if I decide to take a bath or put it on towards the last 10 mins of my shower. It has a brighting and tighting effect and leaves your skin with a soft and fresh feel in the morning when you wake up to do your morning makeup rountine. Oh and when you get ready to take it off...besure to use warm water. I seriously recommend this product to people that have Dry and sensative skin.

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