Monday, March 30, 2009

One Tree Hill shocker

Okay so I am starting my new post with One tree hill. I am hearing that these last 5 episodes that are going to air on 4/20 is going to be the last for the show. So Peyton is going to die off maybe and the cast will say their final goodbyes but then again can you really believe that this season is that last season? I think not. At least I dont want it to be the last season. I mean come on, Since 2003 we have grown to fall in love with this show. It was the new addition to hit TV and it still is. Yes I admit I have my predictions for the next episode and it always seems to come true whenever I see the preview for it. It sucks that Lucas has another wedding day tragedy! I mean hello hit B. Davis over the head with someone and make that girl realize that Julian loves her and that he wants to be a dad to Sam. Mouth and Mili should just do it already since they have such a strong sex fever already and Skills, poor poor skills. He will get the right girl in the end. Oh lets not forget that hot steamy take me now kiss between Nathan and Haley in that room.....umm hello can we say new season NEW BABY. It is horrible to see Peyton laying in her wedding dress on her and Lucas bedroom floor covered in blood that is coming from underneath. I mean oh and this season is totally forshadowing whats going to happen soon. I mean maybe the show has run its course but I really hope that Peyton does not die and that everything works out for a new season. It would be awesome! I mean we need to see Sam, Jaime, Lilly grow up and whats the out come for everyone. Does B. Davis finally get her dream man? Does mouth get laid by his dream girl? Does Skills get the girl in the end? Does Haley get a good career starter for feel this? I mean who knows these answers could be summed up in the next 5 episodes but I want to start a petition that One Tree Hill needs to run as long as F.R.I.E.N.D.S did!!!!!!!!!!!

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