Thursday, April 2, 2009

Haul Video posted once my package gets here.

I am going to record a new video in a couple of days with my new haul. It's a collective haul but I have a order coming in from Gone but not Forgotten. I needed two new trios and another beauty powder then I am going shoppping next friday for a couple more things. I think I will post another blog about the haul items I am going to buy. I got 3 things from the Heatherette line. Trio #1 and Trio # 2. I also got the beauty powder in Alpha girl. I dont know but I have a few non makeup items as well that I bought and a couple of exciting things to show. I am also going to Lush and Sephora. Maybe a trip to the CCO since its 25 mins away. I need to see what they have pulled for me. I also got Lollipop loving but its not in the heatherette tube just the simple black mac casing since it was repromoted with the sugarsweet collection. I dont really like the collection. The only things that I am thinking about buying are:
Red Velvet, cakeshop, penny shadestick.....
Aquavert, Club (refill) Stars n Rockets (refill) and dear cupcake eyeshadow......
and one skinfinish. I dont know everyone is telling me to get both but I love Perfect topping. I will post another blog and show you the items I am buying! =)

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