Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Something on my mind

Okay so yesterday I was watching Whoners show on Blogtv.com/people/Whoners. Well that is beside the point but I have been thinking a lot lately why I am single and why is it that people feel the need to be judgemental. I just dont get it. I am not judgmental in anyway, shape, or form and I accept people for who they are and what they look like. But in society today and in the minds of so many people that we the typical "pretty girl" in high school they strive to keep a relationship they thought was real, to continue going. Yes that does work for some people but sorry to say once college hits guys start looking for better. I for one thought I was going to stay with Randy forever and I didnt. We were together for 6 years on again off again and he just kept looking for better. I moved on to Keoni and that went down hill becasue the military life isnt for me. Its not the rules or the distance. Its to the fact that moving around place to place and never having the chance to be settle in one place and to the fact that he didnt want to get married is that kills me.
I am so sick of opening a magazine and flipping through the pages and seeing Stick figures. To me that is what every guy wants. A freaking stick and it just kills me because I want to ask them all the time. You looking for your typical "Pretty Girl" what is it about her that drives you to her? Her looks? How skinny she is? What? I mean honestly ask yourself what do looks get me in a relationship? Oh a couple of glances and a piece of arm candy. Can I see myself with this person for the rest of my life? Have a last relationship for a while with this person? NO you cant why because someone hotter will come along and there that relationship goes. Out the freaking window. I am not ranting or bitching because I wish I was stick skinny. No not at all. I lost weight and I am happy with where I am right now. I honestly accept me for me and no im not FAT! I am average. I am just as pretty as the next stick out there. I mean I have a personality and a head on my shoulders. Intelligance and personality is all you need. But America striving to find their soulmate to be a stick figure. Why because they are embarrassed to move on to someone that they connect with on so many levels but afraid of the looks and stares to see them with someone who is a little different. I dont look down on people for any reasons what so ever. If we connect and we have chemistry then we have it and we will see where it goes from there. I mean I have dated some of the most wonderful guys out there but I mean there is no spark, no ambition. They say they have dreams but then they take it back by saying something stupid and leave you with that to think about. I am just waiting. I guess. For something real.

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