Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gain Flings - English

Hello everyone! I am here to write a review of this amazing product that Influenster sent me. I have to tell you guys that this product is amazing. I have already been using their detergent for years and I have always loved their products. Now I am loving them all over again. From floor cleans, all purposes cleaners to detergent. It's inexpensive, I have already turned my family onto their products and the stores are always in stock (well in my neighborhood)

I can't begin to tell you how fresh, clean and great my laundry smells after using this product. The best part is that the smell does not go away, it stays on the clothes. Every morning that I open my close that original scent is there. It really is music to my nose. Like a wake call. I have already repurchased the Flings & Scent Booster.

Influenster also added a $10.00 itunes giftcard. I have downloaded new salsa music to dance to when I do the laundry. Gracias Influenster and Gain!
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