Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tim Shumate Illustrations

I wanted to change my blog up a bit and tell you guys about this amazing artist! Tim Shumate. Now I have reviewed his work on my YouTube channel, but just in case no one saw my channel I wanted to talk about him here. Tim Shumate is an amazing illustrator from Chicago. I have been a fan of his work for quite sometime now. The collection of Tattooed Disney Princesses is what made him popular. His artwork is like nothing I have seen before. His line work, and colorization is amazing and the detail he puts into his pieces is so amazing it will blow you away.

 Here are two pieces to the left of course you know that is Ariel - the start of my sleeve. Instead of adding other original characters he did a mock of flounder. Ariel is by far the most popular princess he has done, if you go to his facebook page: he has a album titled tattoos, you will see what I am talking about. So many people have put their own twist or kept it like the original artwork for their tattoos. The cool thing that Tim did for every princess is, he gave them tattoos that involved their themes from the movies. Ariel is nautical themed.

To the right you have Belle, Belle of course is from The Beauty and The Beast. She even has Beast, a moon and the rose in the glass lid tattoed on her. You see what I mean, keeping the theme alive with each character.  
Think about it, we all grew up watching Disney movies and falling in love with the characters. I know that some of the ladies he has drawn are not princesses, the way I title them are the leading/popular ladies of Disney. I have fallen in love with his work, so in love that I have a sleeve dedicated to it. Each princess taught us something different, if you look at it in a positive way, some may think a negative way, But HEY to each is own. I will post a blog showing my update sleeve, as we continue adding to it. Right now, Ariel is complete, Tink is complete and Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) is also complete. We are adding snow white next and Alice (which Tim is working on right now) next. I can't wait til my arm is complete!

Every lady has a banner or two with a famous quote from the movies. This just ties the whole thing in together.

To the left we have Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas) her quote is: "I sense there's something in the wind" from her song in the movie "Sallys Song" The Nightmare Before Christmas is a by far my favorite movie! I love how Tim made her dark and mysterious, even if she is a rag doll.
Here are two pieces of Aurora "Sleeping Beauty" Tim made on in pink and the other in blue. She was another that was by popular demand.
Tim sells his pieces on a few websites: is where you can purchase; Iphone cases, skins for iphone, ipods and laptops. Prints, canvas prints, stickers, hoodies, shirts and cards. stickers and shirts, and iphone cases as well. Tim is working with a company called PrintsOnWood - they take artwork and print them on different types of wood. Truly amazing. Tim decided that the next collection of Disney ladies will be printed on limted addition pieces of wood. He is currently working on Alice from Alice In Wonderland, and then Cinderella & Pocahontas.
If you love throw pillows, to accent your room, living room or day bed, then you will love that Tim teamed up with ArtofWhere to print 50 limited addtion pillows for each piece of artwork he submits to be printed. on artofwhere if you don't have a iphone you have a Samsung S3 or S2 you can purchase your cellphone cases on there as well.

Last but not least I leave you with a preview of what's to come from Tim. Here is a sample photo of ALICE!!!!!! <3>

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