Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sweet Macaron!

Hello! So....I took advantage of the B&BW 2 for $20 3 Wick Candle sale. I purchased Sweet Macaron and Paris Amour.

When you first smell Sweet Macaron you get a very overwhelming scent. Your nose and brain are trying to figure out what scent to grab onto first. At first I couldn't stand the smell, I didn't even consider purchasing this but I figured it would smell different once I burn it and it does. The two scents that stand out completely are Vanilla extract and Rasberry Jam. It smells like a bakery in my room!

Inspired by a classic treat, this irresistible scent is a fragrant mosaic of French cookie raspberry jam, almond extract, vanilla cream and light lemon.

Candles from Bath and Body Works burn for approximately 30 to 45 hours.

If you guys have never tried a Macaron, I think you should consider it! So many flavors in different colors!

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