Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogtv Gathering

Okay so I am super excited for the blogtv gathering that is coming up in April in ATL. Thing is, I really need to start updating my youtube again and get back into my vlogs, also getting back into blogging as well.
I am thinking about moving out of Saint Petersburg and moving to Panama City Beach, FL or Atlanta, but Florida is home and I think that I would rather live closer to the beach and also closer to my family in Alabama.
I have been blogging a lot more on my blogtv.
mainly talking about everything in general, to the news, makeup, the gathering, the mysterious boyfriend that everyone is trying to figure out and then blogging about movies.
I am buying my new camera next week cause everytime I go to best buy to get it they are out of it in black and the shippment for my camera gets here next week, So once I have my camera I will be vlogging. I deleted all of my old videos and think that it is time to start fresh with a new page and a new youtube.
Oh and on a positive note. Congradulate our blogtv family member Andrew Garcia on making it to the top 24 on this years america idol. Raywilliamjohnson is also making Team Andrew Garcia shirts, so look for him on youtube and find out when he will be selling those. He may have started already. and Ray William Johnsons channel

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